As Arafest is the family friendly festival, me and my wife, Joanne, thought it would be a great idea to involve our 3 children as patrons of our charity to always make sure it’s vision and purpose stay true to how it all started.

We hope that the future will be in their hands one day and they continue to support the great work the existing 12 committee members have so brilliantly executed.

Laura is the oldest and her passion for the arts, equal rights and children’s charities drive her relentlessly every day. Her bio will tell you her story, but my story is a lady who is strong-willed, an amazing loyal friend and a fantastic daughter.

We move onto Robert, who is the most humble, sincere and polite individual a parent could ever wish for. His passion is to give back to the young budding actors of Hull, one day, the chance to perform on stage. His dream is to have his own theatre of some description, his talent is unquestionable and his work ethic admirable.

Our Youngest is Charleigh. She lights up the room with her personality and again like her sister is a true and loyal friend to those around her. Her passion is to succeed in the arena of criminology but music makes her tick and festivals are her thing.

We are very proud of our 3 children. 
Mike Aramayo.

Laura Aramayo

Bio: *Coming soon*

Rob Aramayo

Bio: *Coming soon*

Charleigh Aramayo
Criminology Student

Bio: *Coming soon*